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Hi! My name is Lee and I am the owner of ArboRx Tree Care. I started this company in 2011 to offer homeowners and businesses a better choice in tree care: Fort Collins needed a tree service committed to the customer, and to the work they do.

I aim to provide personalized service (there is no “one-size-fits-all” package) and a close relationship based on trust. I won’t waste your time or money recommending services that are unlikely to be beneficial. As I also perform most of the work, I have the opportunity to visit most of my client’s properties several times a year which allows close monitoring of your landscape for any changes or problems.

There are two types of calls I get: the owner or property manager who wants to do what is necessary to maintain the health and appearance of their trees and shrubs. For these clients I do a full inspection of the property and come up with a cost-effective annual maintenance plan.
The other type of call I get is from the person who has noticed there is something wrong already, and needs to know what can be done. Then it is a matter of identifying a specific problem, and determining what options there are. In this case, there may be a diagnostics charge.

Our services include:


ArboRx is Eco Friendly

ArboRx is the eco-friendly tree care company. While a lot of tree services still indiscriminately use the same toxic sprays that were available in the 1970′s, I avoid them entirely. Those outdated chemicals have no place in your yard. Newer products on the market bio-degrade faster and are designed to specifically target the intended pest. Now is a very interesting time because, now more than ever, we have access to effective, low-impact tree pest tools. But it’s up to the arborist as well as the customer to choose them.
Even if you’re not particularly “green”, it’s easy to appreciate the benefits of having less chemicals in your yard.
Eco-friendly products we use.

ArboRx Tree Care is also a proud member of both ClimateWise, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s PESP program. ClimateWise members focus on reducing waste and minimizing their business’ carbon footprint, while PESP members focus on reducing pesticide, water and fertilizer use while increasing the health of landscape plants.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from you! Get in touch! Ask a question, get some advice, or schedule an appointment: (970) 690-0769

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