Going Green

Going Green

Our Commitment to the Environment

Since the beginning ArboRx has been about finding solutions to landscape pests without the unnecesary use or over-use of pesticides. Following the same ideology, I’ve also been making efforts to reduce our environemtal impact of in other ways.

Organic Program

I’m proud to offer an all-organic treatment program for tree and shrub care. I’ve been able to find Organic solutions to all of the insect and disease issues we regularly face in Colorado. By Organic, I’m referring to the use of pest control products that are OMRI listed. OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute, and products with an OMRI label are approved for use in Certified Organic agriculture.

Organic pest control products are usually naturally-sourced, as opposed to synthetic chemicals. Some Organic products are plant extracts, some are biological agents (for example viruses and bacteria that target only certain pests), and then there are some other categories, such as minerals like Potassium Bicarbonate which can be used to control Fire Blight for example.

The organic program has been especially popular with fruit tree owners. Controlling Coddling Moth, Fire Blight, pear slugs and other fruit tree pests and diseases without the use of harsh chemicals is a no-brainer.

Starting July 2015, I now have dedicated equipment for organic treatments.


ArboRx has been a ClimateWise Silver Partner since 2013. ClimateWise is the City of Fort Collins’ environmental initiative for business owners, with the primary goal being to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving efficiency, and therefore also saving businesses money while they’re at it. Other initiatives such as recycling and water management are also encouraged.

Each year ArboRx creates at least one new goal or initiative with the aim of reducing waste and curbing pollution. This has ranged from swapping out older gas-powered equipment with newer, cleaner models with lower emissions, to switching to recycled paper, to doing at least some estimates by bicycle (goal is 100 miles or more per year), among others.


In early 2014 ArboRx became a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. We are one of only roughly 200 members across the country.

From their website:
“An initiative of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), the Landscaping Initiative partners with businesses, lawn care professionals, government agencies, and community organizations. The Initiative seeks to enhance the environmental, human health, and economic benefits associated with landscaping while reducing the need for pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, and energy inputs by working in concert with nature.”

What this entails in practice is the implementation of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. IPM is a pest management strategy that takes a wholistic view of the problem, where options besides pesticide use are considered first.

For example, sometimes the decision is made to just replace a high-maintenance tree with another type of tree that does not require constant treatments. In less drastic cases, proper watering, aeration and mulching can reduce insect and disease pressure, and therefore reduce pesticide use as well.