Tree Pruning

Expert tree pruning services for the Fort Collins area

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Reasons for pruning a tree

  • Clearance over houses, driveways and sidewalks.
  • Removing dead wood and hanging limbs.
  • To remove diseases such as Fire Blight.
  • Train trees to develop strong branches
  • Improve form and aesthetics
  • Reduce the overall size of a tree

I’ll get your trees looking their best; On your budget

I believe that professional tree care services can also be affordable. As a small company, I’m able to keep my overhead low. This allows me to offer reasonable prices, but I also have the knowledge, tools and experience to do a great job for you. That’s called value, and it’s something my customers really appreciate. As a Certified Arborist with over a decade of tree care background, you can be sure your trees are in good hands. And with my pruning guarantee I promise you’ll be happy with the quality of the work done.

Best time of year to prune trees

In the Fort Collins area, minor pruning can usually be done any time of year. A couple exceptions do exist: elm trees should only be pruned in the dormant season because of their susceptibility to borers and bark beetles in the summer, and trees prone to fire blight should not be pruned in the spring or anytime wet weather might occur. The timing of pruning affects the growth rate of the tree: heavy pruning in winter will often cause a rush of new growth in the spring, while heavy pruning in the summer can reduce future growth, so that should be taken into consideration.

Specialty Pruning

I specialize in fruit tree pruning, and have dedicated a whole page to the subject. Also see here for more information on shrub pruning.

Things to look for when comparing tree pruning quotes:

  • Quotes should include clean up of branches and debris.
  • For tree removals, the quote should state whether or not the stump will be ground out.
  • Make sure the company is licensed, insured and that pruners are ISA Certified Arborists.
  • Know whether the salesman will be on site to show the crew what needs to be done. Crews working off the estimate alone may get confused about the scope of work.
  • Search online for company reviews. Avoid any company with fake reviews or mulitple bad reviews. Fake reviews usually sound corny and many will be posted within a short amount of time.

This hawthorn was a wily thing before pruning.

Much Better! Not only does it look better, but the shrubs and grass underneath have a new lease on life.

Why trust ArboRx for your tree trimming needs?

I’ve learnt in the years I’ve been in business that none of my customers are very familiar with my business name. Hardly one of them can spell it, let alone remember what it is. That’s kind of a big clue that maybe it’s a poor name choice (too late now!) However, it doesn’t really matter because they all know me by my name. When talking to neighbors, they say “Lee takes care of my trees”, and that makes me proud. Having my name attached to the work I do constantly reminds me how important it is that I do a good job for my customers- because they know me, they trust me, and if they’re happy they’ll recommend me. Word of mouth is what keeps me in business, and business is good.