Stump Removal

Now offering stump removal for Loveland, Fort Collins and Windsor!

Stump grinding is the process that removes the stump and roots that are left after a tree is cut down. This is down using a special machine, appropriately called a stump grinder.
What’s left is a hole in the ground, and a pile of debris full of wood chips.

Stump removal is often done when someone wants to plant a new tree in the same spot, or if you just don’t want to look at that ugly stump any more. Stumps can also be a trip hazard so are usually removed from common areas and high-traffic areas.

Extra Stump Removal Services

Debris clean-up: After a stump has been ground, there will be a pile of debris left over. Included with every job, we’ll rake the debris back into the hole that was made, but the pile of debris will often be a mound that will take time to settle back in and level out. Also, this debris is not ideal for growing plants in, including trees, shrubs and grass.

So as an added service, we can remove the debris and fill the hole in with top soil. This should be done whenever replacing a stump with a new tree.

Smaller stumps from shrubs or small trees can sometimes be pulled out. This may save you money if there’s just one or two small stumps, as bringing out a stump grinding machine has a minimum charge. Pulling stumps usually doesn’t remove many roots, so doesn’t work great for replanting in the same spot. Also some stumps can’t be ground because of limited access, or nearby hazards/ obstacles. In these situations, pulling the stump may be a solution.

stump grinder in action in Loveland, COthis machine makes short work of tree stumps.stump_grinder2


Stump Grinding makes a big mess, but with debris removal service we can make it look like nothing ever happened, and fix your sprinkler lines while at we’re at it!