Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care: keeping your trees alive & healthy

Keeping your trees alive and looking their best is what ArboRx Tree Care is all about.

Improving tree and shrub wellness prevents future problems and will increase the look and value of your property. It is better for your landscape and easier on your wallet to prevent problems before they begin. I believe that landscape trees and shrubs can live a long, happy life if they are well cared for.

I break Tree Health Care on this website into two parts: the first deals with insects and disease (see the Tree Spraying section of the site), and the second deals with proper watering, fertilizing and other “cultural” practices.

Integrated Pest Management

Tree Health Care is more or less another term for Integrated Pest Management, only that it deals with trees and woody plants specifically, and incorporates the Best Management Practices established by the International Society of Arboriculture. It’s also about really trying to improve the overall health of the tree, whereas IPM is primarily concerned to insects and disease. So Tree Health Care is a more holistic approach to taking care of trees.

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