Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization:
For when your trees need a little help.

Deep Root Fertilization is a service where a shot of tree nutrients and soil builders are delivered directly to the tree’s absorbing roots, and can help your ailing trees make a comeback.

deep root fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

The Process

It’s called “Deep Root” because the fertilizer is injected into the soil below ground level. The goal of this is to get the nutrients just out of reach of grass roots, and to keep the Nitrogen from evaporating into the air. By mixing the fertilizer with water and pumping it into the ground, we can really saturate the soil with nutrients. And since this mixture is delivered at relatively high pressure (200+ psi), it also works to lift and decompress the soil. We go around the tree in a circle, injecting fertilizer roughly every two feet. Having done tree fertilization for years, I find this method to be the best.

The Essential Nutrients

First we determine what your tree needs. We can get a lot of clues by looking at the area surrounding the tree. For example, a tree growing in turf will have a lot of competition for nutrients, and a tree grown in a rock bed will probably be suffering from poor soil. Fruit trees tend to have heavier Nitrogen demands and can also increase yields when Potassium is supplied. Trees struggling with disease sometimes benefit from a high Nitrogen fertilizer, and trees with yellow leaves and green veins need extra Iron. If there’s any doubt we can do a lab test to determine the exact nutrient levels and build a real customized fertilizer. This is done at the Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab in Fort Collins.

    Our typical Deep Root Fertilizer formula contains:

  • Slow Release Nitrogen encourages leaf growth.
  • Low-salt Phosphorous and Potassium help promote healthy flowering, fruit development and root growth.
  • Chelated Iron helps correct Chlorosis (yellow leaves).
  • Copper, Manganese, Zinc and Sulfur in small amounts to prevent deficiency problems.
  • Hummus adds organic matter to the soil and can reduce frost injury.
  • Yuccah extract reduces dry spots in soil.
  • Beneficial soil organisms are added for plants in sites with “dead” soil, such as new construction sites.


The Difference

Our fertilizer is designed to promote overall tree health and well-being. We take care not to upset the soil biology and complex soil chemistry that creates lasting health for your plants. My philosophy on tree fertilzier is “Help the tree help itself”. The goal is to create an environment where the tree can thrive.

    Not all fertilizer is created equal.

  • Discount tree fertilizers are high in mineral salts that burn roots, kill soil organisms, and create chemical dependency.
  • Quick release fertilizers are like steroids for trees: they work great, for a little while.
  • Some fertilizers only contain the minerals N, P & K, ignoring other important aspects of plant health.
  • Other fertilizers can be full of unproven amendments that waste money, and can even cause serious problems. Molasses for example falls into both categories.

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