Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

Everything you need to know about Mountain Pine Beetle in Northern Colorado


2015 Pine Beetle Update

While Mountain Pine Beetle, Spruce Beetle, Ips Beetle and others continue to affect forests in the mountains and foothills in Colorado, Front Range cities are less effected. Mountain Pine Beetle has been rare to see in Fort Collins since 2012. However, Spruce Ips has been on the increase and seems especially common in Loveland lately.

Trees that are most susceptible to Mountain Pine Beetle in Front Range cities such as Fort Collins, Loveland and Windor include:

  • Scotch Pines
  • Ponderosa Pines
  • And Pinion Pine

Austrian pine appears to be one of the less favorite pine trees for Mountain Pine Beetles, though they are still susceptible.

Currently I recommend residents of the Front Range to consider having their trees sprayed for Spruce Ips Beetle, and that residents at higher elevations really ought to have all pine, spruce, fir and Douglas fir sprayed.

ArboRx | Expert Tree Spraying

If you feel your trees need to be protected, I do provide expert Mountain Pine Beetle spraying services: I take the time to do the job right, use the most effective products on the market, and have an excellent track record and the best equipment.

Because in recent years the beetles have been active from as early as mid June to as late as early November, we must either do two treatments at the three-month rate, or one treatment at the season-long rate. In either case I always add a top-shelf surfactant/ bark penetrant that greatly increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Note: Some tree spraying services are only protecting their customer’s trees for three months, leaving them vulnerable for the rest of the season. Obviously, their prices will be considerably lower, by as much as half, but they may not be telling you why. The three month treatment may have been acceptable years ago, but in recent years with longer seasons it just doesn’t cut it.

Residents of the Carter Lake area can take advantage of a neighborhood discount by signing up before May 1st. Ask for details.

My Mountain Pine Beetle spraying service area is expanded to areas such as Red Feather Lakes, Livermore, Carter Lake and other parts of the Northern Colorado foothills. I also serve Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland and Berthoud, as always. For pine beetle spraying in a remote location, a trip charge may be applicable.

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